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23 may. 2010

Everytime you feel stress
Everytime you feel alone
Everytime you feel hurt
Everytime you feel depressed
Everytime you feel heartbroken
Everytime you feel like crying

I know you want to bleed
I know you want to scream for help but believe me This isn't the answer !

Don't let it take over your life like it took over mine

When I first started it wasn't very bad then It got worse...and worse...and worse the scars will last forever and look where I am now

I keep trying to stop but my scars keep reminding me of everytime I've felt :

Hurt Stressed Alone Depressed Heartbroken

I wish I had stopped before it became an addiction

Everytime I bleed I feel my problems drain out of me I end up feeling happier I feel like things will get better but my addiction won't stop

I cut again...and again...and again...and again and I can't stop

I can't stop cutting
I can't stop bleeding
I can't stop screaming

I know I've screwed up my life

If you started cutting or injuring yourself anyway I advise you to try and stop quickly before it

Becomes an addiction
Before it takes over your life

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